The Fantastic Four 100 Project

October 30, 2012


Marvel Comics printed a precious few blank covers on the landmark Fantastic Four #600, and the Hero Initiative commissioned 100 top artists to do an original drawing on each cover.

The results are here for you to see, with covers unveiled October 31st through November 2nd! ALL the covers will also be collected into a 120-page book available in softcover for $12.99 and limited edition hardcover for $30. Books will be available in comic stores on November 21, 2012.

And look for Hero's eBay auctions for the original covers! Approximately 10 covers per week will go up for auction starting Nov. 6 until they're all gone!

October 31st
Gerry Acerno Mike Allred Kaare Andrews
Gerry Acerno
Sold $250

Mike Allred
Sold for $880

Joyce Chin
Sold for $412.87
Chris Bachalo Ramone Bachs John Beatty
Chris Bachalo
Sold $1481
Ramon Bachs
Sold for $255
John Beatty
Sold $202.50
John Bogdanove Jason Bone Nick Bradshaw

John Bogdanove
Sold for $316

Jason Bone
Sold for $290
Nick Bradshaw
Sold for $611.06
Dan Brereton Tom Brevoort Rich Buckler
Dan Brereton
Sold for $918
Tom Brevoort
Sold for $212.50
Rich Buckler
Sold $504
David Bullock Riccardo Burchielli Jim Calafiore
David Bullock
Sold for $438
Riccardo Burchielli
Sold for $273
Jim Calafiore
Sold For $293.87
Daniel Campos Giuseppe Camuncoli Jonathan Case
Daniel Campos
Sold For $423.87
Giuseppe Camuncoli
Sold for $356
Jonathan Case
Sold for $152.50
Victor Castro & Mark McKenna Ron Chan Ian Churchill
Victor Castro &
Mark McKenna
Sold For $261.87
Ron Chan
Sold for $303.03
Ian Churchill
Sold For $538.87
Ryan Cody Alan Davis Mike Deodato
Ryan Cody
Sold for $193

Alan Davis
Sold for $1251

Mike Deodato
Sold For $338
Ben Dewey Carmine Di Gianclomerieo Terry Dodson
Ben Dewey
Sold $404.04
Carmine Di Gianclomerieo
Sold $511
Terry Dodson
Sold for $1126
Mark Dos Santos Ming Doyle Rich Ellis
Mark Dos Santos
Sold for $239.37
Ming Doyle
Sold for $256.87
Rich Ellis
Sold for $598.87
Steve Epting Tony Fleecs Sean Forney
Steve Epting
Sold $1280.01
Tony Fleecs
Sold for $438.77
Sean Forney
Sold for $616.06
Derek Fridolfs Agnes Garbowska Benjamin Glendenning
Derek Fridolfs
Sold for $241.61
Agnes Garbowska
Sold for $522.77
Benjamin Glendenning
Sold $405
November 1st
Rob Hall Gabriel Hardman Fred Hembeck
Bob Hall
Sold for $315

Gabriel Hardman
Sold for $305

Fred Hembeck
Sold $208.50
Phil Hester Jamal Igle Chris Ivy
Phil Hester
Sold For $385
Jamal Igle
Sold For $305
Chris Ivy
Sold For $327
Dan Jurgens Dale Keown Sam Kieth
Dan Jurgens
Sold For $860
Dale Keown
Sold for $1394
Sam Kieth
Sold $810
Sam Kieth (II) Sam Kieth (III) Leonard Kirk
Sam Kieth (II)
Sold for $831.77
Sam Kieth (III)
Sold For $585.77
Leonard Kirk
Sold for $275.99
Scott Koblish Rich Koslowski Pete Krause

Scott Koblish
Sold for $461.50

Rich Koslowski
Sold For $282.77
Pete Krause
Sold For $255.01
Adam Kubert Andy Kuhn Alan Kupperberg
Adam Kubert
Sold $889
Andy Kuhn
Sold For $256
Alan Kupperberg
Sold For $420
Steve Kurth Scott Kurtz Ken Lashley
Steve Kurth
Sold For $405
Scott Kurtz
Sold For $201.50
Ken Lashley
Sold For $676.67
Rick Leonardi Michael Joseph Linsner David Mack
Rick Leonardi
Sold for $476
Michael Joseph Linsner
Sold for $822.33
David Mack
Sold For $282.77
Marcos Martin Francesco Mattina Mike Mayhew
Marcos Martin
Sold for $1102.77
Francesco Mattina
Sold for $860
Mike Mayhew
Sold For $810
John McCrea Mike McKone Josh Medors

John McCrea
Sold for $621

Mike McKone
Sold For $305
Josh Medors
Sold For $666
Rodolfo Migliari Danny Miki Al Milgrom
Rodolfo Migliari
Sold For $305
Danny Miki
Sold $909
Al Milgrom
Sold For $1112.87
MNV Albert Morales Chirs Moreno
Steve McNiven
Sold for $1802.77

Albert Morales
Sold for $237.28

Chirs Moreno
Sold For $256.87
November 2nd
Bill Morrison Marat Mychaels Todd Nauck
Bill Morrison
Sold For $242.50
Marat Mychaels
Sold for $444.87
Todd Nauck
Sold For $1001.11
Jerry Ordway Mark Paniccia Jeff Parker
Jerry Ordway
Sold For $570
Mark Paniccia
Sold $208.51
Jeff Parker
Sold for $180.09
Tony Parker George Perez Mike Perkins
Tony Parker
Sold $325
George Perez
Sold For $870
Mike Perkins
Sold For $665
Don Perlin Khoi Pham Sean Phillips
Don Perlin
Sold for $515
Khoi Pham
Sold for $380
Sean Phillips
Sold for $510
Whilce Portacio Gordon Purcell Tom Raney
Whilce Portacio
Sold for $766.87
Gordon Purceli
Sold $305
Tom Raney
Sold for $338.33
Emma Rios Tone Rodriguez Tone Rodriguez (II)
Emma Rios
Sold for $350.77
Tone Rodriguez
Sold $325
Tone Rodriguez (II)
Sold $473.87
Chris Rousseau Marco Rudy Tim Sale
Craig Rousseau
Sold $305
Marco Rudy
Sold $440
Tim Sale
Sold for $1625
Chris Samnee Alex Saviuk Alex Saviuk (II)
Chris Samnee
Sold for $460
Alex Saviuk
Sold for $598
Alex Saviuk
Sold for $610
Stuart Sayger Stuart Sayger (II) Tim Seeley
Stuart Sayger
Sold for $930
Stuart Sayger (II)
Sold for $400
Tim Seeley
Sold for $416
Joe Sinnott Andy Smith Aaron Sowd
Joe Sinnott
Sold for $1412.87
Andy Smith
Sold for $326.87
Aaron Sowd
Sold for $525
Joe Staton Ty Templeton Herb Timpe
Joe Staton
Sold for $408.87
Ty Templeton
Sold for $401
Herb Trimpe
Sold for $760
Jim Valentino Nate Van Dyke Dustin Weaver
Jim Valentino
Sold $511
Nate Van Dyke
Sold $227.50
Dustin Weaver
Sold For $1242.76
David Williams    
David Williams
Sold for $255.01


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