Andrew Crossley on overcoming fear to get back on your feet

About 20 years ago, I was employed by a company that helped Hero Initiative get off the ground so it could help people in the comic industry during hard times. I remember back then I hoped that I would never need Hero during my career. Sadly, Coronavirus hit, and most of my work dropped off as publishers cut back. Like everyone else during these hard times, I frantically looked for work.

I remembered hearing how Hero had helped some friends get through hard times with medical bills and living expenses. So I contacted them.  It was hard to do, mentally. You never want to admit you might have to ask for help. I felt a sense of failure in my career, along with guilt: Would I be taking from others that may need the help more than me?

But facing the possibility of eviction, I made contact. The people I spoke to were nothing but understanding and super nice, and non-judgmental of my situation. They got me the help I needed, and it allowed me to finally get back on my feet and start new projects. If anyone is in need, please contact them. They really are a caring organization.