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Clip and Save! Hero’s New York Comic Con 2011 booth schedule!

Folks, As above. If your tastes run to Tom Raney or Matt Fraction or Steve Dillon, well, we can help satisfy that hunger! A quick note for you autograph collectors out there—and we know you’re out there! Convention appearances by Ralph Reese, Chris Ivy or Robert Washington are exceedingly rare! So this is an outstanding […]

Hero Comics blank covers: Yes, they exist!

And the next rare bird you’ll be seeing: Hero Comics 2011 blank covers. Yes, they exist. But just barely. A mere 100 of these were manufactured in conjunction with IDW Publishing’s release of, yes, Hero Comics 2011. Of those, 50 belong to our ol’ pal Joel Elad. I’m sure he’ll be sliding a few out […]

Your quote of the day: “Guy drew like a dream.”

One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from Jackie Robinson, who once said that, “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” Many others are eulogizing and chronicling the life of Gene Colan today, as well they should. Here are a few anecdotes that speak to the […]

My Lunch With Joe Quesada

My Lunch with Joe Quesada By Greg Pelkofski Yes, I am the fan who spent $536.51 to have lunch with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. Yes, it was one of the best experiences of my short twenty-one years on this planet. Yes, it was a “dream come true.” (And I’ve had some pretty strange dreams. No […]

Thanks to All You Heroes at MegaCon & Beyond

Hi, everyone. I have never “blogged” before, and I guess it’s about time I entered the world of the future. I really need to say “thank you” to a lot of people, and I guess this is a poor attempt at doing just that. Thank You are two little words that do not hold nearly […]

Stan Lee Day in L.A.!

The Hero Initiative arranged with our friends in county government to have Friday, Oct. 2 declared “Stan Lee Day” in Los Angeles County. This certificate the County presented Stan is just too cool for words. Big ups, as the kids might say, to the mighty Harlan Wenig, who knows how to make the wheels of […]

Speed Dating and Sweet Smells!

And so it came to pass at the Chicago Comic-Con that the Sachs and Violens Speed Dating Party hosted by George Pérez was held! All to launch the kickass Sachs and Violens perfume oil and cologne oil by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab! (Available now, like we even needed to mention that.) George, as he was […]

100 Bullets in Pictures

The last dog is hung, the last glass is dry, and after 24 hours of recovery, the Hero Initiative/Meltdown Comics 100 Bullets farewell party is in the books. We’ll figure out just how much the piano tuner charged us to tune a piano, but thanks to a DAMN vigorous auction, the night was both fun […]

Of Steve Gerber, Frank Cho, and Ducks With Pants

So a story relayed to me by Steve Gerber, about a month or two before he unfortunately passed away: Steve, of course, was having ongoing lung problems, which made it difficult to work. Hero had stepped in and helped Steve with some bills from time to time, and even helped him land a paying gig […]