Hero brings Steve Englehart to Baltimore

Hero Initiative will be at the Baltimore Comic-Con Sep. 2-4, 2016, and is happy to bring classic writer Steve Englehart to the con!


Steve has been the writer of Avengers, Batman, Captain America, Justice League of America, and many more top titles!


Steve will be at the Hero Initiative booth all weekend. Look for him there!


Steve-Englehart-big Avengers 114

Hero and Rick Burchett at Wizard World Ohio

Hero Initiative will be at booth #423 at Wizard World Ohio July 29-31 in Columbus, Ohio! Our special guest for the weekend? Batman artist Rick Burchett! The Hero booth will be the ONLY place you can find Rick!


And BONUS: If you order your tickets through Hero’s special link right HERE, Hero Initiative gets a percentage of your ticket purchase at NO additional cost to you!


See you in Columbus!



Russ Heath at DC Comics

A great day at DC Comics, as Hero Initiative brought Russ Heath to the offices to meet the crew, visit the library, and have lunch! A splendid time was had by all!


Russ Heath at DC Comics

Pictured left to right: Dan DiDio, Russ Heath, Jim Lee, Geoff Johns


Hero Initiative EXCLUSIVE CGC Signings at San Diego!

Hero Initiative is your EXCLUSIVE CGC Signature Series facilitator at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 for:

Jason Aaron
Charlie Adlard
Amanda Conner
Dan Jurgens
Marjorie Liu
Jimmy Palmiotti
Darick Robertson
Nicola Scott

There are two ways to get your books signed for Signature Series at this con by these creators:

• IN ADVANCE of the con, you can send your books to be signed to Paradise ComicsEarth-2 Comics, or
Joel Elad
5694 Mission Center Rd., #602-444
San Diego, CA 92108
Please contact Paradise, Earth-2 or Joel Elad for full details. Advance books MUST arrive by Monday, July 18!

• ON SITE AT SAN DIEGO, you must drop off books at the CGC booth, #901 on the convention floor. Books MUST be dropped off by no later than 5 p.m. on July 22!


Hero Exclusive Sandman #6 Cover!

DC Comics provided Hero Initiative with an EXCLUSIVE Sandman: Overture #6 cover on sale Sep. 30!

It’s available in Hero’s eBay store and at select retailers!

Humble Comics Bundle: Aspen Comics

Humble Bundle has teamed up with Aspen Comics along with The Hero Initiative for the publishers’ first offering on the popular digital platform. The bundle, the Humble Comics Bundle: Aspen Comics, features a host of Aspen’s flagship offerings, including Michael Turner’s Fathom and Soulfire, Siya Oum’s Lola XOXO and Executive Assistant: Iris, along with many more.

Via Humble Bundle, customers can pay what they want by naming their own price and can also choose how the money is allocated.

Customers can pay any amount to receive: Michael Turner’s Fathom: Volume 1, Michael Turner’s Fathom: Kiani: Volume 1, Michael Turner’s Fathom: Blue Volume 1, Michael Turner’s Soulfire: Volume 1, Michael Turner’s Eternal Soulfire: Volume 1, Executive Assistant: Iris: Volume 1, Charismagic: Volume 1, The Four Points: Volume 1 andThe Art of Aspen: Volume 1.

Those pay above the average price will also receive: Charismagic Omnibus Edition #1, Damsels in Excess: Volume 1, Executive Assistant: Iris Omnibus #1, Jirni: Volume 1, Jirni: Volume 2, Lola XOXO: Volume 1, Lola XOXO: Wasteland Madam: Volume 1, Michael Turner’s Fathom Omnibus Edition #1, Michael Turner’s Soulfire Omnibus Edition #1, Legend of the Shadow Clan: Volume 1 and The ZooHunters #’s 1-3

Customers who pay $15 or more will receive all of the above plus several “digital-exclusive” firsts from Aspen Comics including: Michael Turner’s Ekos Preview (digital-first exclusive), Michael Turner’s Fathom: Killian’s Tide Volume 1 (digital first series), Michael Turner’s Fathom Swimsuit Edition (digital first exclusive), Michael Turner’s Sketchbook: Digital Re-Mastered Digital First Edition, as well as Michael Turner’s Aspen Extended Edition written by superstar writer and producer Geoff Johns and Homecoming: Volume 1

The Humble Comics Bundle: Aspen Comics, seeking to bring awareness to The Hero Initiative helping creators in need, will run from now until April 6th, 2016 at 11:00am pacific time, and can be found here:www.humblebundle.com/books/aspen-comics


Ralph's Scan LetterSign up your Ralph’s Rewards card to help Hero!  It costs you NOTHING, and Hero gets paid every time you buy groceries!

On September 1, Ralphs grocery stores wiped the slate clean on its “Community Rewards” program, and we need to build back from Square One!

The Ralphs Rewards card is your standard grocery store “club card” that gets you discounts and whatnot. But you can ALSO register it with a Ralphs-approved charity, and EVERY time you shop and use the card, Ralphs will kick in a small percentage to the charity of your choice. It costs you, the consumer, NOTHING. It’s just Ralphs kicking in a couple bucks to good causes.

And yes, The Hero Initiative is one of those Ralphs-approved charities, and yes, we need YOU to re-register your card for Hero, which is easy as pie (tho’ not quite as tasty). The EASIEST way to do it is this:

Just click on the scanbar letter here and print it off. Next time you go to Ralphs, use your Rewards card, AND hand this letter to the cashier. Have them scan this with your order and BAM—you’ve signed up for Hero! That’s it!

Now YOU’RE a Hero every time you buy potato chips! And for that, we THANK YOU!



Bill Willingham’s Next Project…

Bill Willingham’s next project begins with soft aromatics of vanilla and malt, which are followed by a full-bodied mouth-feel that rounds through dark fruit flavors and is followed by a surprisingly dry finish. More on this later!