Darick Robertson at Golden Apple Dec. 9!

Truck on over to L.A.’s mighty Golden Apple Comics on Friday, December 9 at 7 PM to meet Transmetropolitan and The Boys artist Darick Robertson. And ’cause we’re nice guys, you can even get a FREE copy of Transmetropolitan: All Around the World or The Ultimate Spider-Man 100 Project if you help Hero Initiative out in one of two totally painless ways!

• Bring in your Ralphs Rewards card and sign it up for Hero! Every time you shop, Ralphs will pay us a couple nickels at NO additional cost to you! Please note: you MUST bring in your Ralphs Rewards card—we cannot sign you up by phone number alone!

• Or bring in your old, unused cell phones or ink cartridges for Hero to recycle with Funding Factory! Your items MUST be on this list to participate!

Everyone who participates that night will get a free Transmet or Spidey book of your choice, one per customer and while supplies last.

See you at Golden Apple!

Jim McLauchlin

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