Hero Initiative 2012 Memberships: Now with Walt Simonson sketches!

-2Yup. You can—and should!—still sign up for Hero Initiative 2012 memberships! At our highest Excelsior! level, membership even comes with a sketch of a character of your choice on a special Hero Initiative board by George Pérez or Walt Simonson.

George showed off some of his earlier. Now Walt’s deadlines have allowed him to join in.

Speaking of “join in,” you should, too!

Jim McLauchlin

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I am a comic art fans from Hong Kong. I want to show my support to Hero Initiative. Do you accept application for Hero Initiative membership from overseas? If I apply for the excelsior membership, will you mail the sketch cards as well as other stuff and the head sketch by airmail?


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