Double Visions Auctions Launch, benefitting Hero Initiative and Binc

Amazing combo art pieces from two artists benefit two charities—starting 2/2!

What’s better than a good thing? DOUBLING up on it!

Some of the comic industry’s biggest talents have come together to produce unique original art pieces, featuring great combos of two artists and two characters benefiting two charities—Hero Initiative and The Binc Foundation’s (Book Industry Charitable Foundation) Comicbook United Fund. To start things off, check out some of these incredible pieces!

  • Spider-Man and Venom, by Humberto Ramos and Ryan Stegman. Spidey by Humberto, Venom by Ryan…with these two superstars on the art chores, what more can you ask?
  • Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker in a lightsaber duel by powerhouses Giuseppe Camuncoli and Marco Checchetto
  • Elseworlds Batman and Batgirl by legendary creators Howard Chaykin and Dan Brerton.
  • Matt Wagner and Tim Sale have paired up to produce not one but TWO Spider-Man/Green Goblin pieces! Who says lightning doesn’t strike twice?
  • Mike McKone and Tom Raney have contributed two companion pieces, watercolors of Green Lantern and Sinestro! Mike and Tom have been producing amazing work that has dazzled fans for years, and now Tom will be taking the art reins on the new GL series.
  • Two of the superstar talents from the defining ’90s mutant titles, Larry Stroman and Whilce Portacio bring X-Factor and Bishop to life.
  • Fan-favorites Jorge Molina and Phil Noto offer this full-color masterpiece featuring everyone’s much-loved couple, Rogue and Gambit.

And yes, eagle-eyed friends, there are a few wrinkles on that theme as well. Additional contributions include the original art to published work:

Red Hood #51 variant cover by Kael Ngu—One of the hottest new talents provides this iconic image of this member of the Bat-family.

Defenders #4 variant cover painting by Gabriele Dell’Otto, one of the most sought-after cover artists in the industry has donated this incredibly powerful image!

Look for additional announcements featuring superstars like Chris Bachalo, Neil Gaiman, Dale Keown, Ed McGuinness, Adam Kubert, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, J. Scott Campbell, David Nakayama, and many more! Stayed tuned…we’re sure to knock your socks off!

A gallery of artwork will be available to view on Hero Initiative’s website. Follow the link here :

These pieces will be auctioned off via Hero’s eBay account five at a time, starting (appropriately enough) 2/2/21!

Keep an eye out for updates, and be ready to bid on some INCREDIBLE artwork and help support the comics industry!