Hero Initiative’s Deep Discount Quickee Christmas Items!

Ugga. So. Hero Initiative has a self-storage locker where we store our convention setup, more paperwork than you can imagine, extra inventory on our books, etc. The storage facility has lost its lease, and I get to move 13,000 pounds of books on January 2. Brother, can you spare a back brace?

As it’s easier, weight-wise, to move ’em one at a time, we’ll help you with last-minute Christmas shopping as well. For a limited time, through Jan. 1…

• Our Wolverine 100 softcover is 50% off

• The Hulk 100 hardcover is 40% off

• The Archie 50 softcover is 50% off, and similarly, the limited edition hardcover is 50% off as well.

• Avengers 100 softcover at 50% off? Check. And the Avengers 100 hardcover, same 50% off? Okay. Sold!

• Excelsior! Stan’s Soapbox: The Collection is 50% off!

• Our Spider-Man 100 papaerback at 50% off? Yup!

• And even the Hero-exclusive Overstreet Comic Book Price guide is 20% off.

Bargains galore, peeps. Make Christmas shopping easy, and save my lumbar all at the same time.

Jim McLauchlin

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