How Hero Initiative helped Liz Safian-Berube get her life back

My name is Liz Safian-Berube. I’ve colored and illustrated comics for DC, Neal Adams’ Continuity Graphics, TSR, and more since 1960. I have always managed to keep myself afloat. But smooth sailing is not always life’s direction.

In 2017, I found myself facing a two-year surgical recovery with a hip and femur held together with wire and screws. I’d only be able to use one toe to transfer from bed to wheelchair for over a year. My choices were an assisted living facility, or a home for the aged and disabled.

I was in more pain than humans should be allowed to endure, and ridden with anxiety, loneliness, and withdrawal. My social life is my therapy. The prospect of being isolated was a dark one.

Then Hero Initiative gave me the funds to return to my home with caregivers to help with everyday living. They also provided a wonderful lounge chair that will help me continue to draw in comfort.

Nothing is happening quickly—except for the help from Hero, which arrived immediately. They even got me in touch with people in my neighborhood I can call should I want or need to go to art shows, museums, or conventions.

Hero Initiative is an organization to be applauded!

Liz Safian-Berube

Liz Safian-Berube