Josh Medors and Stan Lee prints…almost gone!

The best of all possible Christmas gifts? Well, that would be the stellar Spider-Man print autographed by Josh Medors, Josh’s recreation of Steve Ditko’s classic Amazing Spider-Man #33 cover that ran on Roy Thomas. Alter Ego #105. Still available for tree-underin’!

But those of you looking for a more rare bird best act NOW! Of the 250 prints, a mere 50 were signed by BOTH Josh and Stan Lee. Hero’s stock is sold out, but six remain at Graham Crackers Comics. Get thee there!

And print #1 of 250 is currently up on Hero’s eBay store. The last of its kind.

And we have a mere FOUR Artist Proof editions of the 10 created, signed by both Stan and Josh. Worth a look.

Merry Christmas, lucky buyers!

Jim McLauchlin

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