Amazing combo art pieces from two artists benefit two charities—starting 2/2!

The awesomeness keeps doubling up!

More of the industry’s biggest talents have come together to produce unique original art pieces, featuring great combos of two artists and two characters benefiting two charities—Hero Initiative and The Binc Foundation’s (Book Industry Charitable Foundation) Comicbook United Fund. In addition to the amazing pieces previously shared, here’s some more incredible art for you to check out…and bid on starting Feb. 2, 2021!

Coinciding with the 30th anniversary of Elekta Lives Again, here’s an amazing contribution: Daredevil and Elektra, penciled by Frank Miller and inked by Klaus Janson. You read that right! This absolutely legendary art team have joined forces once again for this massive (20” x 30”!) masterpiece featuring the star-crossed couple.

For the Star Wars fans among us (who isn’t?), there’s Mara Jade and Ahsoka by Olivier Vatine and Bengal! Olivier provides this gorgeous Mara Jade (who Olivier designed!) alongside fan-favorite Bengal’s Ahsoka.

J. Scott Campbell, artist of some of the most popular covers in the comic industry, is joined by David Nakayama, fellow cover artist extraordinaire, for this gorgeous pairing of Rogue (J. Scott) and Psylocke (David)!

The incredible team of Alan Davis and Kevin Nowlan, giants in the comic art world, provide this amazing portrait of Scarlet Witch and Vision, just in time for the Disney+ series  WandaVision. Alan drew an iconic Vision, with Kevin drawing the incomparable Wanda!

And yes, just like before, there are a few gems that may stray a bit from the theme – but no one is going to mind, promise! Additional contributions include the original art to published work, and existing pieces:

Art phenom Kim Jung Gi has donated one of his incredibly detailed pieces! If you haven’t seen him work, check out this amazing video. It’ll blow your mind!

From superstar Leinil Yu, there’s a special treat for Game of Thrones/George R.R. Martin fans—the original art to Leinil’s gorgeous cover for Martin’s Sworn Sword #1. Sword Sworn a is part of the Dunk and egg series, the Game of Thrones prequels reportedly in development at HBO!

The incomparable Paolo Rivera has donated an absolutely gorgeous painting of Witchblade!

Look for additional announcements featuring superstars such as Adam Kubert, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, David Mack, Mike Del Mundo, Greg Land, Terry and Rachel Dodson, and many more! Stayed tuned…we’re sure to blow you away!

An (updated!) gallery of artwork is available to view on Hero Initiative’s website. Follow the link here:

These pieces will be auctioned off via Hero’s eBay account five at a time, starting (appropriately enough) 2/2/21!

Keep an eye out for more announcements, and be ready to bid on some INCREDIBLE artwork and help support the comics industry!