Party with George Pérez, Diana Knight, and Hero!

sirens1-collectorFriends in Los Angeles:

Check out Collector’s Paradise in Winnetka on Wednesday, September 17! Hero Board of Directors member George Pérez will be at the store from 6-9 p.m. signing copies of Sirens, his great new book from BOOM! Studios! Diana Knight, the model for the Sirens character Niada, will ALSO be on hand!

If you sign up your Ralphs card for Hero (see other post HERE) and come to the event, there are TWO special bonuses:

• Hero will give you a FREE Fantastic Four 100 Project softcover, a $12.99 value! Have George sign your copy on-site!

• Everyone who signs up will also be entered into a raffle to win ORIGINAL art by George Pérez!

And we CANNOT stress this enough: It’s BEST to sign up for the Ralphs program IN ADVANCE! You can print off a screenshot or show us you’re signed up on your phone or similar mobile device. Proof of enrollment looks like the below, and any date after Sep. 2, 2014 showing “A Commitment To Our Roots” (Hero’s corporate name) is eligible!

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