Peter Pantazis on how Hero helped him save his home and get back into work

A few years back, what looked like another “down” period in the world of freelance turned into a complete financial disaster. Work stopped coming in and I could not find a way to build back it back up.

Couple this with some major life battles both medical and emotional, and it all came to a head last year when I was staring at losing my home, having exhausted all forms or trying to save it.

I came across the Hero Initiative and I reached out. I did not expect the response I received. After years of both financial and emotional pressure building up, there was suddenly release, and someone working with me to help resolve my situation. Suddenly I was on the phone with lawyers asking me hard questions to help me sort through the mess. My home was saved. My kids would have a roof over their heads.

Hero Initiative stayed in contact with me, helping to reconnect me with others in the industry, and helped me to find new paying projects to work on. Their “Hire This Artist” program has been such a help.

I’m still fighting my way back up, and have a long way to go. However, without Hero Initiative stepping in to help me and my family, I don’t know where I would be right now. I never imagined they would help me the way they did, and I am so thankful and grateful.

This organization is amazing. For the rest of my career and life, I will never forget how they helped my family and I will always support them. Please help support the Hero Initiative any way you can.

Peter Pantazis

Peter Pantazis

Peter Pantazis