Phil Hester does 99 Kirbys!

We have received ALL 99 orders for Phil Hester drawings for 2016! Thanks for participating, and we’ll see you next year!

Phil Hester is a nutty guy, so in honor of Jack Kirby’s 99th birthday on August 28, Phil will be drawing 99 Kirby characters! Check out @philhester on Twitter for more on that, or the summary here:

Just like last year, I’ll be doing a marathon of Kirby sketches corresponding to Jack’s b-day. This is his 99th, so 99 sketches!

I limit these sketches to characters Jack created (FF, Darkseid) or had a strong association with (Jimmy Olsen, Green Arrow).

To avoid confusion this year, I won’t confirm via Twitter. Instead, I will get a master list from .

If you want to get a sketch from this marathon, PayPal your donation, character request, and mailing address.

Anything less than $30 doesn’t leave any meat on the bone for Hero, so that should be your minimum offer. Most come in @ $50.

Even if you think “PayPal has my address,” please CONFIRM your mailing address, “99 Kirbys,” and your character choice in notes.

Ultimately will take the first 99 orders, ONE PER CUSTOMER, and email the list master list to me.

Hero will confirm to YOU, via a return email, that you’re in. If you didn’t make the 99, a refund will be made immediately.

I will still post my results starting on the 28th, so you will get to see it happening in real time. We might even periscope!

I’m just 1 month removed from a cornea transplant (!), so please note I will have help inking these babies from my regular inkers.

Now let’s talk about Galactus. He is a pain, so I’m only drawing ONE which you can get via auction:

Again this ebay auction is the ONLY way to get a Galactus, so don’t request him via the donation to Hero.

Now you may begin. Like the King himself said, “Don’t ask! Just buy it!”

My ink elves will include & .

Phil Hester Galactus

Phil Hester Galactus