Rick Magyar details Hero Initiative help and living in gratitude

I would never have imagined when I donated original artwork to Hero Initiative’s first auction at the Orlando MegaCon in 2001 that I would one day have to request their assistance for myself.

However, that was the case a couple years ago as mainstream inkwork dried up for me, as did work for too many of my talented peers. Commission work wasn’t enough to keep up with rent and bills, and I fell behind. An understanding landlord was patient with me as I sold off the bulk of my collection of comic-related books, collectibles and signed limited editions to give him what I could each month.

Only then, bookshelves bare, did I begrudgingly and rather embarrassingly seek assistance from Hero Initiative. They came to my aid by getting me back up to date on my rent and keeping me connected to the internet. Today, I am living in gratitude for them and their donors.

Please support their good work if you are able and so inclined. God only knows where some of my professional peers and I would be without Hero Initiative.

—Rick Magyar

Rick Magyar

Rick Magyar