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Ralph's Scan LetterSign up your Ralph’s Rewards card to help Hero!  It costs you NOTHING, and Hero gets paid every time you buy groceries!

On September 1, Ralphs grocery stores wiped the slate clean on its “Community Rewards” program, and we need to build back from Square One!

The Ralphs Rewards card is your standard grocery store “club card” that gets you discounts and whatnot. But you can ALSO register it with a Ralphs-approved charity, and EVERY time you shop and use the card, Ralphs will kick in a small percentage to the charity of your choice. It costs you, the consumer, NOTHING. It’s just Ralphs kicking in a couple bucks to good causes.

And yes, The Hero Initiative is one of those Ralphs-approved charities, and yes, we need YOU to re-register your card for Hero, which is easy as pie (tho’ not quite as tasty). The EASIEST way to do it is this:

Just click on the scanbar letter here and print it off. Next time you go to Ralphs, use your Rewards card, AND hand this letter to the cashier. Have them scan this with your order and BAM—you’ve signed up for Hero! That’s it!

Now YOU’RE a Hero every time you buy potato chips! And for that, we THANK YOU!