Taki Soma and Michael Oeming on the Hero Initiative

Taki Soma

Taki Soma, getting her first MS treatment

This summer, after many years of troubling and repeating symptoms, doctor visits, and hospital stays, Taki Soma was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

It was a lot of effort to get her diagnosed. We had to push and insist on tests. By the time she was diagnosed, Taki could barely walk, and was in severe pain on her left side with an arm and hand that were curled up and useless. An MRI showed nine lesions on her brain as well as a large one nesting at the base of her brain, near the spine. It was decided we should take the most aggressive treatment as soon as possible. However, that treatment is very costly, even with insurance, and is something she needs for the rest of her life. To top it off, the bills for the many doctor visits, the three-night stay in a hospital, tests, scans, and infusions were piling up already.

We contacted the Hero Initiative and they responded right away. The Hero Initiative had been there for our family this past year when two elderly members were dying of cancer. They were there for us just to provide information, guidance and support through confusing paperwork and mixed medical care for our elders. Now, again, they’ve come through for us by providing funds to cover the first treatment that Taki needed right away for a disease that could lead to permanent disability if not taken care of.

We cannot thank the Hero Initiative enough. We’ve supported them from the beginning, never dreaming we would need their help one day. We cannot stress how important this program is, and how many lives it’s touched and saved. Please continue to support the Hero Initiative.

Thank you,

Taki Soma and Michael Oeming