Amazing combo art pieces from two artists benefit two charities—starting 2/2!

Helping our industry, the magic builds!

More of the industry’s biggest talents have come together to produce unique original art pieces featuring great combos of two artists and two characters benefiting two charities—Hero Initiative and The Binc Foundation’s (Book Industry Charitable Foundation) Comicbook United Fund. Check out THIS newest update!

Paul Renaud and J.G. Jones are the stellar duo who produced an outstanding piece featuring the two Black Widows, Natasha and Yelena!

The uncanny art team from Uncanny X-Men, Greg Land and Terry Dodson with Rachel Dodson, joined forces for an awesome Phoenix and Storm pairing. X-fans, take note!

Spanish art powerhouses Pasqual Ferry and Carlos Pacheco provide a beautiful Superman/Green Lantern piece, two of the core members of the Justice League!

For all you zombie fans, Marvel Zombies artists extraordinaire Sean Phillips and Leonard Kirk collaborated on this gruesome/awesome zombie Wolverine/Hulk battle!

Also included in this auction are some extraordinary pieces that may stray from the theme, but more than make up for it with their amazingness:

  • An unbelievable two-page spread from Teen Titans featuring Superboy by fan-favorite Tyler Kirkham.
  • A true rarity from Paolo Rivera: A lithograph of Paolo’s art, done SOLELY as a gift for the cast and crew of the Iron Man 3 movie. That’s special all by itself, but this is NUMBER ONE of the Artist’s Proof edition, signed and numbered by Paolo!
  • A VINTAGE Jack Sparling page from Dell’s Movie Classics Smoky. Dating back to 1967, this is a great example of Jack Sparling’s western work.

Look for additional announcements featuring superstars such as J. Scott Campbell, David Nakayama, Nick Bradshaw, Arthur Adams, Jim Cheung. Ryan Sook, Mico Suayan, Jerome Opeña, and many more! Stayed tuned…you’ll be glad you did!

A gallery of artwork is available to view on Hero Initiative’s website, with regular updates. Follow the link HERE

These pieces will be auctioned off via Hero’s eBay account five at a time, starting (appropriately enough) 2/2/21!

Keep an eye out for more announcements, and be ready to bid on some INCREDIBLE artwork and help support the comics industry!